The Streetworks training course offered by Glanville Training is an essential program designed to equip contractors, utilities personnel, and highway authorities with the knowledge and skills required to work safely and effectively on or near public highways. This comprehensive course is suitable for both Supervisors and Operatives and is tailored to ensure compliance with the relevant legislative requirements. The course covers a wide range of crucial topics and practical skills that are essential for anyone involved in street works.

To successfully complete the course and meet the industry standards, participants must complete the following mandatory units:

  1. LA – Location and avoidance of underground apparatus: This unit focuses on the identification and avoidance of underground utilities, such as gas, water, and electric lines. Participants will learn how to use appropriate equipment and follow best practices to prevent damage to existing infrastructure.
  2. O1 – Signing, Lighting, and Guarding: Ensuring the safety of both workers and the public is paramount when conducting street works. This unit provides training on setting up proper signage, lighting, and guarding measures to create safe work zones and minimize potential hazards.
  3. O2 – Excavation in the Highway: Participants will gain an understanding of the excavation process, including techniques for digging trenches and holes in the highway while adhering to safety regulations and minimizing disruption.
  4. O3 – Reinstatement and compaction of backfill materials: This unit covers the proper methods for backfilling excavated areas and ensuring compaction to industry standards. Maintaining the integrity of the road or pathway is critical to ensuring long-term safety and durability.
  5. O4 – Reinstatement of sub-base and road base in non-bituminous materials: Participants will learn how to reinstate the sub-base and road base using non-bituminous materials, ensuring proper compaction and a smooth, safe surface.
  6. O5 – Reinstatement of cold-lay bituminous materials: This unit focuses on the use of cold-lay bituminous materials for reinstating road surfaces. Participants will learn the techniques for applying and compacting these materials effectively.
  7. O8 – Reinstatement of modular surfaces and concrete footways: In this unit, participants will gain expertise in reinstating modular surfaces and concrete footways, including proper techniques for repair and maintenance.

By successfully completing these units, participants in the Streetworks course will be well-prepared to carry out their operative and supervisor duties in accordance with the legislation. This training not only enhances safety and compliance but also contributes to the overall quality and sustainability of our road infrastructure. Participants will leave the course with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in their roles within the street works industry.

Upon a successful completion you will gain the knowledge of:

Location and avoidance of underground apparatus
Signing, Lighting, and Guarding
Excavation in the Highway
Reinstatement and compaction of backfill materials
Reinstatement of sub-base and road base in non-bituminous materials
Reinstatement of cold-lay bituminous materials
Reinstatement of modular surfaces and concrete footways

Course content

Upon successfully completing the course you will be awarded a certificate.

Your days will include a 15 minute break in the morning and afternoon, you will also be allowed a 30 minute break for lunch.

Ensure your bring your own lunch.

You must bring or know your national insurance number.


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Please contact us at least 48 hours before the day of training to advise us on any additional requirements that we may need to consider for the training to successfully take place.

Course cancellations made within 5 working days prior of the course date, or, where delegates fail to attend the training course on the course date, will be charged in full. All cancellations must be made in writing. Delegate substitutions may be made prior to the course start date giving written notice. (If any further information required please refer to T&Cs).

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