About us

Glanville Training Academy provides construction industry training with a premium professional and bespoke experience.

Glanville Training Academy offers a distinguished approach to meeting the training requirements within the construction industry. Beyond being a mere Training Provider, our team boasts over 30 years of hands-on experience in the construction sector. Our seasoned Trainers have identified a considerable deficit in training quality among providers, and they are unwaveringly committed to elevating the standards.

Our core mission is centred on enhancing training quality, a commitment that is deeply rooted in crafting bespoke courses tailored to each client's unique needs and job specifications. We take pride in delivering exceptional service, competitive pricing, and expert guidance to our clients.

Our Trainers go the extra mile to ensure that every delegate emerges from our courses with complete confidence in their ability to excel in their roles. We achieve this through a dynamic blend of classroom instruction and practical hands-on learning. Our training programs are meticulously customised to the individual's requirements, with continuous guidance and support provided throughout the learning journey.

Glanville Training Academy is your trusted partner in not only delivering top-tier training but also in providing flexibility and convenience. Our training options extend beyond the conventional, offering you the choice to access our expertise at our bespoke-built training centre or your site, depending on course choice.

Whether you prefer the immersive experience of our purpose-built training facility or require the convenience of on-site training, we cater to your preferences. Our commitment to tailoring training solutions remains unwavering, regardless of the location. This means that you can expect the same high-quality training, customised to your specific needs, whether you choose to join us at our training centre or have our expert trainers come to your site.

At Glanville Training Academy, it's not just about meeting your training needs; it's about meeting them on your terms.

Serving the South West of England, our purpose-built training academy boasts a diverse selection of industry-specific, nationally recognised, and accredited courses, including:

  • Abrasive Wheels
  • Asbestos Awareness
  • CAT and Genny
  • Confined space
  • Face Fit testing
  • Manual handling
  • Excavator Under & Over 10T
  • Excavator Lifting Ops
  • Dumper Under & Over 5T
  • Telehandler
  • Shallow Excavation
  • Deep Excavation
  • Slinger/Signaller
  • High Pressure Water Jetting
  • Spill Response/Environmental Awareness
  • Streetworks

Glanville Training Academy recognises the importance of hands-on scenario style practical training.

Our distinctive training approach places a strong emphasis on maximising practical components, setting us apart as a unique provider.

Our instructors are dedicated to delivering engaging and relevant content that keeps all delegates well-informed about current legislation, ensuring an exceptional classroom experience.

Recognising the diversity of learning styles, our trainers personalise courses to guarantee the highest quality of training for each delegate.

Our accreditations