Sign, Lighting & Guarding Operative


The Sign, Lighting, and Guarding course is designed to cater to the training needs of both operatives and supervisors who are likely to be engaged in activities related to the installation of signs, the establishment of proper lighting, and the provision of adequate guarding for various work sites. These activities often play a critical role in ensuring the safety and efficiency of road and street works. This course is not only an essential component of the New Roads and Streetworks Act qualification but is also available as a standalone option for individuals who may not need certification in any other units.

Key components and objectives of the course include:

  1. Safety and Compliance: Participants will learn about the legal and regulatory requirements governing signage, lighting, and guarding in road and street works. This includes an in-depth understanding of the New Roads and Streetworks Act and other relevant legislation.
  2. Sign Installation: The course covers the proper procedures for installing signs, including the selection of appropriate signage, placement, and maintenance to ensure clear and effective communication with road users.
  3. Lighting: Proper lighting is crucial for both safety and visibility at work sites. Participants will be trained on how to assess lighting needs, install temporary lighting systems, and ensure compliance with industry standards.
  4. Guarding: Guarding refers to the measures taken to protect both workers and the public from potential hazards during road and street works. This section of the course will teach participants how to establish barriers, cones, and other protective measures to minimise risks.
  5. Traffic Management: Understanding traffic flow and managing it effectively is a core aspect of the course. Participants will learn how to set up temporary traffic signals, cones, and other traffic control devices to ensure the safe movement of vehicles and pedestrians.
  6. Certification: Successful completion of the Sign, Lighting, and Guarding course leads to the achievement of Unit 2 certification. This certification is valuable for individuals working in the road and street works industry, as it demonstrates their competence in these essential areas.
  7. Operatives and Supervisors: The course is structured to benefit both operatives who perform hands-on tasks and supervisors who oversee and manage work sites. It ensures that all personnel involved have a comprehensive understanding of their roles and responsibilities.

By the end of this course, participants will have gained the knowledge and practical skills needed to carry out their duties effectively and safely. Whether they are working directly on signage and lighting installations or supervising these activities, they will be better equipped to contribute to the successful completion of road and street works projects while adhering to legal and safety requirements. This training is not only essential for professional development but also for ensuring the safety of workers and the public in road and street work environments.

Successfully completing this course, operatives will achieve Unit 2 certification.  

Upon a successful completion you will gain the knowledge of:

Safety and Compliance
Sign Installation
Traffic Management
Operatives and Supervisors

Course content

Upon successfully completing the course you will be awarded a certificate.

Your days will include a 15 minute break in the morning and afternoon, you will also be allowed a 30 minute break for lunch.

Ensure your bring your own lunch.

You must bring or know your national insurance number.


Glanville Training Academy Ltd - Plympton

Plympton Recycling and Transfer Station
Galileo Close, Newnham Industrial Estate
Plympton, Plymouth
Devon, PL7 4JW

Please contact us at least 48 hours before the day of training to advise us on any additional requirements that we may need to consider for the training to successfully take place.

Course cancellations made within 5 working days prior of the course date, or, where delegates fail to attend the training course on the course date, will be charged in full. All cancellations must be made in writing. Delegate substitutions may be made prior to the course start date giving written notice. (If any further information required please refer to T&Cs).

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